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taliah's closet

Taliah's Closet

This community was built for parents who are looking for free baby clothing. Whether they were used or never worn. I'm sure you will find some items on here. It mostly has girl's clothing at the moment. But feel free to post your items if you have a son. Both boys and girls clothes are welcome. So you never know what you find here at Taliah's Closet.

Payment Info:
My Choice Of Payment: Paypal: it has secure check-out process and you can pay with checks, credit cards, or debit cards through them. Don't have an account I advise members to sign up. Money Order: It takes longer to ship depended on the USPS.

Members Posting Items: Can choose their payment options and can discuss their own personal payment guidelines with buyer.

Member's Posting Rule:
Please sell only things you would want your own children to wear. Also use the lj-cut when posting more than one pic.


lj-cut text="Read more" with : "<" before and after ">"

/lj-cut : <" before and after ">"

*Please no pics larger than 400 pixels at least as the first pic on entry. Make it a thumbnail and then link to it. Thank you.

You can respond to a post about the item you are interested in. Ask questions. If you really want it; I will message you if it's more than the new shipping method: Priority Shipping: 1 lbs: $4.95 plus 65 cents for confirmation. If an items end up being less than you pay. I will gladly refund the difference.

Items are free, so you only pay shipping. Items will be shipped out as soon as payment have been processed. I live next to the post-office. So it will not take long to ship.

Current Items:
Belong to my daughter, Taliah. They have been used once or twice. Some are new I just washed them with Dreft soap and she never got to wear them. These items don't come with tags. The sizes ranging from 0 to 6 months.

New Items Will Be Added
Pregnant Mommies with Spring/Summer babies: I know I have in the upstairs bedroom closet more summer clothes. She was born in August 08' So she won't be able to fit in them when this summer comes. Those are new with tags. Pretty Dresses. Photos to follow.
So make sure you join, watch, or check back.

<3 I + Taliah.

To Join:
Any mom or dad can join. Feel free to post items you want to get rid of*.

*Free items - buyer just pays shipping cost, unless seller agrees to send items free of charge.

*Please no scammers. Lets help this community grow into something positive. The economy is not great and this is start to look out for one another. As you know having children can be very pricey. So lets work together here.

Any Questions:
Contact: me - Idaliahflower@yahoo.com

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